Fruity V-Day: Hand-Lettering Lovin'

In December 2015, I challenged myself to learn hand-lettering.  I stumbled upon this beautiful book, Hand-Letterig Ledger, written by Mary Kate McDevitt. I became obsessed with following other hand-letterers' work. Some of my favourites on Instagram are: @mattvergotis @biancamascorroart, @lhcalligraphy and @lettering_co just to name a few! 

So in order not to procrastinate on this hand-lettering challenge, I needed an incentive. And that, my friends, had to be Valentine's Day. I need to work with deadlines in order to achieve things. I challenged myself to make a series of V-Day printable cards.

I must say, it wasn't easy. Lots of trial and error such as these:

As you can see, I still have a long way to go. But I just love practicing, so bring it on!

I had so much fun doing these. I hope you and your loved ones enjoy these free printables! Which one's your favourite?